What are lights by TENA

Unexpected leaks? Meet lights by TENA. It’s a liner designed for all your hygiene needs, no matter the situation. It absorbs liquids fast, giving you total peace of mind and the best protection for light urinary incontinence. 
Feel dry whatever you’re doing with lights by TENA liners. They’re soft, thin, flexible and discreet, meaning little leaks won’t get in your way and you can get on with your day. 

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The lowdown

Our specially developed liners offer you 5 in 1 freshness which locks away moisture, prevents odour and enhances fast absorption.
Experience 5 in 1 freshness
  • Stay dry with a 3DTouch topsheet to soak up urine fast
  • 100% protection from leaks – the absorbent core locks liquid inside 
  • Feel confident with microbeads to prevent odour 
  • Discover ultimate comfort with a breathable backsheet and sides
  • Take them anywhere – modern, discreet packaging is perfect when you’re on the go
And, if you like the idea of a scented liner for that ultimate fresh feel, we’ve created a new range of lights by TENA uniquely scented long liners – choose the one for you from three different scents.

How you’ll feel

Fresh. Confident. YOU. 
Our lights by TENA liners are super absorbent yet breathable and slim – so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing one. 

Choose the right liner for you

Urine is different in flow and consistency to other liquids. So, just as you would wear different clothes for different sports, it’s a good idea to change the type of liner you wear according to your needs. 

Kate, 42, chef

“They leave me feeling fresh, even at the end of a long, hot day.”

Woman holding a lights by TENA liner